Institute for the Study of Asymmetric Conflict

Advisory Board

ISAC’s Board of Advisors helps to set the intellectual tone of the Institute, refine its agenda, and otherwise advance and promote its work. The Board includes internationally-recognized experts in a broad range of disciplines, including Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, History, Psychology, Computer Science, and more.


John Bew War Studies King’s College London
Daniel Chirot Sociology / International Relations University of Washington
Alfred Inselberg Computer Science Tel Aviv University
James W. Jones Religion / Psychology / Terrorism Rutgers University / John Jay College
Arie W. Kruglanski Social Psychology / Terrorism University of Maryland
Clark McCauley Social Psychology Bryn Mawr College
David Nordell Technology / Terror Finance / Economic Warfare New Global Markets
Ami Pedahzur Political Science / Terrorism University of Texas, Austin
Peter Probst Counter-insurgency / Asymmetric conflict  
Itai Sened Political Science Washington University, St. Louis
David Scharia International Law  
Gabriel Weimann Communications University of Haifa