Institute for the Study of Asymmetric Conflict


Topics for Papers

Those who wish to earn credit for the course can write a short (maximum 6 pages) paper on one of the following topics.

1.  What challenges does terrorists' use of social media for Command & Control pose for security agencies?
The paper should offer practical solutions to at least two of the difficulties presented by terrorist use of social media. For example, a solution to interception and/or monitoring terrorist communications; to the problem of forum-based recruiting; or to countering terrorist use of the internet for dataming and training. 
2.  From an institutional point of view, give an explanation of why the use of terrorism may further the survival of militant organizations, and ways in which state actors can undermine this survival strategy. Please offer concrete examples, and the conditions under which such solutions would be effective against terroist organizations. 

3.  Are non-state actors the necessary ‘victors’ in a Fourth Generation War?  What role does intervention on the part of third parties have on the outcome of Fourth Generation conflicts?  The paper should discuss ways in which  states can minimize the advantages enjoyed by non-state actors in Fourth Generation conflicts. 

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