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Securing the Public Space


Security for those who need it, without the pricetag

Schools, community centers, and houses of worship have all been targeted by hate crimes and extremists. However, all too often, the institutions that are most threatened are not set up to provide security evaluations and vulnerability assessments. Nor should they be; they are public institutions not military outposts. At the same time, hiring a professional security agency to carry out a full-scale threat assessment on the facility may be beyond the financial capabilities of all but the wealthiest institution.

The result is that many public institutions are not as well secured as they should be—or can be—even with limited resources.

The Solution

ISAC is offering a new charitable initiative, whereby a multi-stage risk analysis and threat assessment will be offered at little or no cost to public institutions, funded by small donations across a wide base of interested parties.

What services are included? The program is a five-stage threat assessment, which builds on open source intelligence and a detailed site-survey to give an overview of the threats and vulnerabilities. ISAC personnel work closely with the intitution's own security personnel to tailor the program to the needs of each institution, resulting in realistic and workable recommendations. Included in the package :

  1. An initial site-survey carried out by the client under the guidance of ISAC personnel
  2. Baseline vulnerability analysis / risk assessment
  3. An evaluation of potential attackers: organizations and individuals that have both the capability and the motivation to attack the facility
  4. Scenario-to-organization analysis using a sophisticated algorithm to estimate which types of attack may be carried out by which organizations and individuals
  5. Recommendations for security enhancements based on the previous stages

Who is eligible? The project is geared toward nonprofit organizations, including religious institutions, schools, community centers, and other public facilities.

How is the service funded? ISAC has established a non-profit organization to fund the services via small donations by individuals, obviating the need for large security budgets. The fact that the donations are tax-deductible is a further bonus. Because regional intelligence assessments can support a number of different projects in the same areas, we hope to be able to use economies of scale to keep costs down and provide better services, at much lower costs, than commercial security companies can do.

What about institutions that are at higher risk? For high-risk facilities or those in known areas of concern, we can provide ongoing support in the form of a database of incidents and organizations relevant to their area and target type, so that emerging threats can be flagged and run through the algorithm to provide real-time intelligence analysis. This service will be funding via subscriptions by the institution and can be terminated at any time.

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